Heads up! These are the docs for UF3. For UF4 (recommended), visit https://learn.userfrosting.com.

Modern user management for PHP.


Chances are you're here because you have a great idea for a user-oriented website.

Whether it's a private forum for your WoW guild, an employee management system for your small business, or the next big social network, we're guessing you want to get started on your awesome new idea as quickly as possible. You most certainly do not want to spend your time writing code to manage user authentication and authorization.

Userfrosting delivers.

With some basic configuration and an easy-to-use installer, you'll be ready to create and manage user accounts in 5 minutes or less. All you need is a web server running PHP 5.6 or greater, and a SQL database.

Who is UserFrosting meant for?

UserFrosting is meant for individuals who have some background in programming, but are not familiar with all of the modern tools available to make development in PHP faster, and to make your code better structured and easier to manage. By starting with UserFrosting, you will be comfortably introduced to Composer (the dependency manager), MVC, the front-controller pattern, and RESTful URLs.

Who uses UserFrosting?

All sorts of people! Check out our gallery of sites that are built on UserFrosting.

Get started on your project, without starting from 'Hello World".


Application Features

Developer Features


Consistent, easy-to-use templating with Twig.


Powerful routing and request/response abstractions with Slim to decouple web pages from PHP files.

Data Modeling

UserFrosting 0.3.1 boasts a rich object-oriented data model built on top of Laravel's Eloquent ORM.


A unified interface for data validation and sanitization. Specify rules for client- and server-side validation in a single JSON schema!

Admin Tools

Built-in capabilities for automated CSS/JS minification, viewing site logs, and more.

Plugins and Theming

A full-featured plugin and theming system to easily create and share custom styles, layouts, and functionality.

Getting Started

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